Taking a close look at confectionery packaging

Taking a close look at confectionery packaging
The purpose of packaging is to protect a product in transit until it is used by the consumer. But every form of packaging is also a silent seller of the product and not least for confectionery, biscuit and cake packaging.

It strikes us that they are often made of transparent PP, so the product is clearly visible and can tempt the consumer (very effective with confectionery!). Otherwise nicely coloured plastic is employed, often with very vivid colours (yellow, red, black, etc.), like the red "Celebrations” sweet canister which replaces the traditional tin, or like the "Gü” pudding boxes which combine a
great photo with a smooth colour band.

Injection moulding enables creative shapes to be used, like the Haribo lid in the shape of a Christmas tree. These examples of IML packaging perfectly combine the benefits of plastic
(free form, colour or transparent) with the premium printing quality of an offset IML label.