Sikora at the K show 2016

Sikora at the K show 2016 At the K 2016 in Düsseldorf great importance is attached to the topics plastics and rubber. Whether methods for plastics manufacturing and processing or for quality assurance, the international trade show focuses on future oriented technologies. At the K 2016 Sikora further continues its product offensive in the areas measuring, control, as well as inspection, analysis and sorting technology for an increase in quality, process optimization and cost saving.

At the Sikora booth there are two exceptional devices celebrating their premiere. The CENTERWAVE 6000, which measures precisely on the basis of millimeter wave technology online the inner and outer diameter, ovality, wall thicknesses and the sagging of large plastic tubes with a diameter from 120 mm as well as the PURITY CONCEPT Systems for on- and offline inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes and films/tapes. With these new models the Bremen-based technology company extends its portfolio for the extrusion and plastics market and thus provides its customers with innovative systems for individual applications.

CENTERWAVE 6000: Measurement of large plastic tubes

The CENTERWAVE 6000 is based on millimeter wave technology and measures precisely the inner and outer diameter, ovality, wall thicknesses and sagging of large plastic tubes from 120 mm to 2,500 mm during extrusion. Also the layer thicknesses of multi-layer tubes are measured with highest precision. The measurements are taken at several points of the tube circumference without the need for any coupling media and independently of the material and temperature of the measuring object. Calibration procedures are not necessary. Thus, the system allows for reproducibility of the processes and represents a key technology for future-oriented quality assurance at the production of large plastic tubes.


PURITY CONCEPT Systems: Inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes and films/tapes

The PURITY CONCEPT Systems also make their first appearance at the K 2016. The modularly designed devices are available for on- and offline inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes and films/tapes. The systems are based on X-ray, infrared or optical technologies and are suitable for any application, such as for example online process control, analyses and incoming goods inspection.

PURITY SCANNER: Inspection and sorting of plastic pellets

Another highlight is the PURITY SCANNER for online inspection and sorting of plastics material. The system assures that only the purest material gets into the next production process. It combines X-ray technology with an optical measuring system and detects contamination from 50 µm on the surface and inside the plastic pellet. Contaminated pellets are sorted out automatically.


“The PURITY SCANNER is the perfect system for manufacturers of polymers, for compounders, the processing industry as well as recycler in the plastics industry that aim to provide their customers with the purest plastics material and optimize their own processes at the same time,” says Dr. Christian Frank, Chief Executive Officer at Sikora AG. “Additionally, with the PURITY CONCEPT Systems we offer an inspection and analyzing device tailored to every application – for the inspection during the production or as a laboratory scanner for sample testing,” explains Frank.

Additional product highlights

In the hose and tube area, Sikora’s product spectrum ranges from devices for classic and high-end diameter measurement with the LASER Series 2000 and LASER Series 6000 up to X-ray measuring systems of the X-RAY 6000 series. With the precise measurement of the inner and outer diameter, the wall thickness of up to 3 layers, the eccentricity as well as the ovality of products, the systems assure manufacturers the highest quality as well as cost saving and profitability during the extrusion.

Other Sikora highlights at the show are the equally precise as reliable LUMP 2000 devices with double sensor technology for lump detection on the product surface. Additionally, Sikora continues its offensive for technologies that ensure flawless and pure plastics material with the PLAST-TEMP 6000, which measures the surface temperature of plastics material on a non-contact basis as well as the ULTRATEMP 6000 for temperature measurement of PE melt.

At K 2016 Sikora will be exhibiting at booth 10H21.

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