Resin Dryers with Compressed Air from Blue Air Systems

Better and more constant drying performance with the compressed air principle
In the entire range from 0,05 to 300 kg/h, the RD hoppers offer perfect conditions for material flow allowing state of the art drying performance based on the compressed air principle. By expanding pre dried compressed air to atmospheric pressure the dew point of the air sinks to an extremely low level. Subsequent heating of the air to the set temperature, reduces the relative humidity of the process air. Surface defects and defects of the mechanical properties of the plastic part due to high residual moisture, can be deleted with this principle. According to the manufacturer, the RD-series has the lowest energy consumption of dryers on the market.

The dryer series works without a desiccant dryer or the need of cooling water. With literally no moving parts, maintenance work is not necessary and any cleaning work is reduced to an absolute minimum. The novel segmental construction of the units allows the user to easily adapt to any needed material though-put. If needed for highly demanded applications such as the production of PET performs, the dew point of the air can be lowered down to -70°C (-94°F).By recycling high quality exhaust compressed air used on injection blow molding machines, energy costs for drying the material can be reduced to an unachieved level in plastic processing (60%). One of the main aspects of the RD dyer series is the complete circulation of dry air around each and every resin through the ring jet system. In the RDL series this is supported by the integrated heat injector system for optimal conditioning of the process air. Bernhard Stipsits, managing director: “The RD dryers set new standards in performance, functionality and flexibility. The principle of thorough drying, resin for resin using lowest possible energy consumption has been adapted to larger volume hoppers with greater material through-put to enlarge the application range.”

The RD series convinces with ergonomics/user-friendliness and functionality with stepless adjustable proximity sensors. Large, swiveling and removable display and control elements which are readable from a 15 m distance allow an efficient and secure process monitoring.

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