Q-Button - the new concept for a simple and expedient process monitoring

Q-Button - the new concept…
Every molding process must be monitored directly on the molded part. This is because only a monitored process guarantees that only good parts will be shipped. Priamus systems are designed to be modular and can be expanded to the limits of today's computer capacities depending on the number of channels and monitored functions. This is also necessary to reflect the quality criteria of the molded parts in all applications and even for a high number of cavities. The effort for an expedient setting of the monitoring limits however increases with the number of monitored functions and channels.

With the Q-Button Priamus introduces a concept which allows the automatic setting of monitoring limits for individual or all monitoring functions and control parameters.

"Q" stands for the English "Quick" and at the same time for quality. As soon as the process is optimized, and good parts are molded, the touch of a button is all it takes to determine preset limits for process monitoring. The basis for this serves the six sigma values which guarantee an expedient setup for the monitoring.

This procedure offers a substantial simplification in production because the limits of process monitoring can be set easily and fast, independent from the number of channels and monitoring functions. Furthermore the Priamus systems provide the option to detect whether the process is stable or drifting.