Packaging & Storage- the biggest event of the packaging industry in Belarus

The “Modern Label” Salon called upon to demonstrate consumables, equipment and technologies for label and packaging production making, attendant chemistry for printing, equipment for efficient label making on enterprises, label production for all industry branches, design and artistic appearance of label.

The “Polymers & Glasss in Packaging” Salon is dedicated to demonstrate large nomenclature of polymeric and combined materials, modern equipment, raw materials and technologies for polymeric packing articles production different functional setting.

The “Storage Technologies” Exhibition presents following directions: construction of storage-houses and distribution centers; industrial and enterprises’ storages; modern conceptions of storage logistics and infrastructure; WMS-system of storage management, storage accounting; control and sorting technologies and equipment; RFID-technologies; SCM-system of the delivery chain management; EPR-systems for the retail trade management; automatic storage, automatic equipment for inside logistics and distribution centers, conveyer systems, automatic commission and sorting systems; equipment and machinery for storage, lifting-and-loading machinery; systems of safety and video control, storage safety provision; storage and trade complexes cleaning; industrial, storage and transportation containers, bar-codes and marking.

Moreover, there is the 8th International Specialized "Bread and Confectionery" Exhibition will be held at the same time and place with the Forum. Joint organization of these two Projects has became the efficacious Event attracting attention of a very large-scale audience of specialists from related branches, promoting business contacts growth, and new ideas and solutions exchange for further business development.


  • 87 Exhibitors from Belarus, Bulgaria, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and United Kingdom demonstrated their production, services and solutions for such spheres as: perfumery, household chemical goods, pharmaceutics, food and light industry, production of domestic appliances, building materials, furniture, and also for retail shops, trade nets, and establishments of catering. They appear equipment and raw stuff for packaging production, ready-made packing articles for foodstuff, consumer goods, and consumables for making label production, thermoplastic automatic machines, extrusion equipment, raw and auxiliary materials for production of packaging polymeric and combined materials.