New Engel's managing director in Scandinavia

New Engel's managing director in Scandinavia
Engel has appointed a new managing director for Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Jens Thor Hansen is an experienced plastics expert for these strategically important markets.

Having previously been the managing director at a plastics-processing company specialising in clean room production, Jens Thor Hansen has gained extensive experience in this area over the last six years. All told, the 49-year-old plastics technology engineer has worked in management positions for medical technology and raw material companies for 25 years. "Medical technology is one of our important growth markets in Scandinavia, and we will benefit hugely from Mr Hansen's experience", remarks Dr Christoph Steger, CSO Engel Holding GmbH, Austria. "In addition to this, our continued growth in Scandinavia depends to a great extent on providing efficient solutions for innovative applications. And this is precisely Engel's strength, as well as that of the Scandinavian industry."

Ralf Godbey, the previous managing director of Engel in Scandinavia left the Group at the end of 2013. "We thank Mr Godbey for his great commitment in the past few years", says Christoph Steger. "Under his leadership, Engel gained a strong foothold in Northern Europe. Based on where we are already, I am convinced that we will be able to solidify our market presence in Denmark, Sweden and Norway."

Engel is represented by subsidiaries in Solrød Strand, Denmark, and Jönköping, Sweden, as well as a sales and service office in Hobøl near Oslo, Norway.


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