Netstal at Fakuma

At this year's Fakuma the Swiss company Netstal-Maschinen AG will again show innovative exhibits with outstanding performance. With a total of four machines at the trade fair, all of which are system solutions, Netstal will once again provide proof of its expertise in the production of thin-walled packaging parts and high-precision technical parts.

Fast-running thin-wall part on an energy-saving Elionon an Elion 1200-530, Netstal will show an application from the thin-walled segment to demonstrate the high efficiency of this all-electric line. The moulded part produced is a drinking cup which is produced in a double mould of the French company Caulonque in an impressive cycle lasting less than 3 seconds.

The packaging part made of a polypropylene from Lyondellbasel will also be provided with a label during the injection moulding process by means of IML (In-Mould Labelling). The label is inserted and the part them removed by a handling device from the German company Ilsemann.

The likewise Germany company Motan GmbH also supplies the devices for the supply of raw materials, while gwk from Germany is responsible for cooling. This system, i.e. the ready-for-production combination of the machine, mould, automation and other peripheral devices, is a typical example of the experience of and provision by Netstal for complete solutions. In addition to a highly productive injection moulding system, the customer also purchases processing know-how so that it can produce top-quality parts from the first hour of production on.

In addition to this, the processor also benefits from the low energy consumption of the ELION. Thanks to the principle of recuperation, braking energy is fed back into the current circuit to supply additional consumers. When used efficiently, it is therefore possible to save up to 70 % of the energy consumption compared to conventional drive systems. Demanding technical application on the high-precision ELIONThe second exhibit at the Netstal stand is an ELION 500-130.

A sieve of POM from Ticona is produced on this machine with a 24x mould from the German company Weisser & Griesshaber GmbH. The mould temperature control is assumed by devices from the Swiss company HB-Therm and the supply of raw materials is again provided by Motan GmbH here. Maximum reproduction and shot weight consistency are required for this component, however the openings of the sieve are always to be the same size.

The Elion has already proved itself many times over for such precision applications. In particular processors of medical parts appreciate the accuracy of this machine and its outstanding clean-room suitability. Netstal Support Concept as an established service brand.

With these two demonstrations, Netstal will also emphasise its expertise in application and production-related consulting. Specialists at both the company headquarters and all branch offices provide customer support for all aspects of machine purchasing, and therefore ensure economical production.

However, under the umbrella brand name Netstal Support Concept, Netstal also offers a comprehensive range of services following machine installation. An unbureaucratic, fast customer service and spare parts deliveries within 24 hours in Europe and 48 hours worldwide are just two of many Netstal service products. Information materials are available at the trade fair and experts locally in order to present this range of services in detail.

For the recording of production dates, Netstal links one of their machines the Elion 500 with bfa solution ltd. from Switzerland. Therefore production and process information are continuously available to the user, enabling immediate decision making on critical production parameters.



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