Multivac: twin lane Traysealer for higher output

Multivac: twin lane Traysealer for higher output
With the T 850 traysealer Multivac is bringing onto the market the first twin lane model of the new generation of traysealers. Its capacity lies in the range of eighty to one hundred packs per minute. As Multivac will show at Interpack 2011, the T 850 is capable of being completely integrated into an automatic packaging line.

"The T 850 is the twin lane version of the existing T 800 traysealer model and is equipped with the same innovative machine technology and pioneering hygiene design", reports Valeska Haux, Vice President Corporate Marketing at Multivac in Wolfertschwenden. With an output of eighty to one hundred packs per minute, the T 850 is currently the highest capacity automatic inline traysealer of the new generation from Multivac.

Due to its high level of packing capacity, the T 850 is destined to be used very often in complete and fully automated production lines of large industrial scale packers - a requirement which Multivac with its inline principle has now translated into a twin lane version. The T 850 is very flexible as regards the types of products and formats which can be packed, it is easy to operate and, within the context of its C02 footprint, is designed for the lowest possible energy and packaging material use.
Its main areas of operation lie in the food sector, primarily in meat, sausage and convenience products; it is also suitable however for the packing of seafood/fish and cheese, as well as fruit and vegetables or salad products. A further area of application is consumer goods and industrial products.

Multivac: twin lane Traysealer for higher output

At Interpack 2011 in Düsseldorf, Multivac will be presenting the T 850 in an integrated line with an Anytray Twin Rack denester (Carsoe), a MBS 050 converger, a checkweigher (Bizerba) with integrated CWE metal detector and a MR335 top / bottom labeller. A pusher chain system provides the twin lane transportation of the trays. A H 240 handling module with two handling robots loads the sealed and labelled trays into cases, which are then labelled with a MR313 case labeller.

The Anytray Twin Rack tray denester from the Danish manufacturer Carsoe is designed for the denesting of trays in twin lane packaging lines. It can be integrated very easily into packaging lines and the denesting speed can be controlled very precisely.

Multivac has developed a new conveyor system for the efficient and hygienic converging of the twin lane packs: the MBS 050, which has an Intralox conveyor with side driven guide belts. This conveyor system can be completely integrated into the machine control of the traysealer, so that there is an automatic adjustment to the speed and capacity of the traysealer. The conveyor system can be easily configured since the parameters for each product to be packed can simply be stored in recipes.

The checkweigher with integrated metal detector from Bizerba's CWE range can similarly be integrated easily into the traysealer line. The weigher manufacturer has recently optimised the performance of the metal detectors so that even the smallest metal particles can be reliably detected.

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