Milacron maintains presence, commitment to NPE

Milacron announced today that, despite the current economic conditions and recent withdrawals by several major plastics industry players, it will maintain its commitment to customers and the industry with continued involvement in NPE 2009.

- Despite the financial challenges we are all facing, one thing that has been clear is the unwavering support from the industry for Milacron - said CEO Dave Lawrence. - The trend for some industry suppliers is to pull out of the show, but we feel that being there for our customers, and continuing to support the industry that has been so good to us, is the right decision.

While some have questioned if Milacron will remain a participant in NPE, the company truly believes in the benefits of being an exhibitor. Keeping a pulse on the industry, hearing the needs of customers first hand and sharing ways the company can help customers remain more competitive, is central to what being a global leader in the industry today is all about.

As the hallmark of new technology and innovation in the industry, NPE has been an important venue for Milacron to showcase its latest offers to prospects and customers for decades. This commitment to the event is furthered by the company’s VP and General Manager of N.A. Injection Molding and Global Extrusion Business, Glenn Anderson, serving as the Vice Chairman of the NPE 2009 Operations Committee for the SPI.

- The SPI has been very helpful in finding a solution for Milacron with the NPE Stimulus Package. We’ve been able to maintain a prominent presence at the show while keeping our costs in line with a smaller footprint - said Bob Starr, Director of Global Marketing Services for D-M-E and Milacron’s NPE Committee Leader. - We want to thank the SPI for their ongoing commitment to supporting the industry and providing NPE as a place where we can highlight the cost saving technologies that will help us all to succeed.

In today’s tougher economy customers are looking for real solutions and ways suppliers can help them succeed, and that is what Milacron will be showcasing at NPE 2009. This June, the company will focus on its earth friendly technologies which are aimed at energy and scrap reduction, sustainability and other cost saving efforts.

- We’re proud of our industry and confident it will rebound - said Lawrence. - And as it does, we’ll be ready as always with the technologies, services and expertise that make a positive impact on the customers and industry we serve.
First incorporated in 1884, Milacron is a leading global supplier of plastics-processing technologies and industrial fluids, with major manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Milacron knows what matters in manufacturing, and every day, puts this know how to work to help customers improve their productivity, cut costs, increase energy efficiency, eliminate scrap and reduce cycle times. This year, Milacron is celebrating 125 years of making a genuine impact on the industries it serves.

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