KraussMaffei at Swiss Plastics 2017

KraussMaffei's new APC plus function takes on a particularly important task, for it compensates for the batch fluctuations commonly encountered when processing LSR. "LSR processing is especially demanding. The consistency varies from water to honey, and demands absolute platen parallelism to ensure that the mold closes extremely tightly, and an injection molding process that is refined to the finest detail, explains Schleiss. As the process progresses, APC plus monitors the viscosity of the material and corrects the filling volume even in the shot. The process as a whole is made even more precise; the part weight remains constant. APC plus is even able to compensate for any potential preliminary cross-linking of the silicone.

Partner and customer of the PX 50-180 at Swiss Plastics is the Swiss silicone injection molding specialist Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Stein am Rhein AG, from where the high-precision mold and the metering unit come. The mixing unit is an electrically powered scoop piston pump supplied by the company Reinhardt Technik. The end customer is the company Filtertek.

Optimized gripper concept

Automation with a 6-axis robot allows precise demolding of the micro components, which are then electrically discharged and filled into jars. "One particular challenge in this application is the handling of the delicate components. The geometry means that the 32 diaphragms have to be grasped at the same time and are carefully peeled from the mold, all at a mold temperature of around 190 °C and without contact with the mold," explains Schleiss. The task is performed by a specially designed gripper from KraussMaffei Automation.

The new PX - the all-electric benchmark

The new KraussMaffei PX series sets new standards for all-electric machines. The series was successfully launched for the K 2016, and is the first all-electric machine which the customer may tailor to his specific manufacturing needs using a modular principle in the hydraulic area. These include, for example, enlarged platens, faster injection speeds or even the option for operation using food-grade NSF H1 lubricant. For clean room compatible applications in medical technology, the PX features encapsulated drive units and ejector and a closed lubricant circuit. In continuous operation, the PX features an ergonomically favorable working height of 130 cm, which remains the same for all clamping forces, ensuring perfect accessibility of the mold and nozzle for setup or during production.

The K trade show featured the launch of the all-electric toggle machine with clamping forces from 500 to 2000 kN. It was conceived and designed with flexibility in mind, and this extends over the entire service life from the purchase to everyday production to retrofitting.



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