"Juniális" event focuses on production efficiency

"Juniális" event focuses on… Arburg Hungary once again organised its annual "Juniális" event in Budapest on 24 June 2014. Appropriately to the overall topic of production efficiency, the focus of this year's event was "Experiencing quality in a whole new way!". Experts from the subsidiary and from the German parent company presented interesting practical applications and specialist presentations to around 60 guests.

"This time a lot of potential new customers accepted our invitation. Every last seat was taken," says a pleased Gabriella Hollik, Managing Director of Arburg Hungary, summarising the response to the event, which is held in June each year. "We were able to show them how the injection moulding processes can be optimised in terms of part quality. After all, there is growing demand for 100 percent part quality in the Hungarian injection moulding market."

Specialist presentations: "Experiencing quality in a whole new way!"

Peter Mező and Balazs Domokos from the Hungarian subsidiary explained in detail the potential offered by the control system and the Arburg ALS host computer system in optimising part quality and how to get the most out of them. In two specialist presentations they shared their know-how with the participants in relation to software options and packages for the Selogica control system and the finer details of ALS. In another presentation, Ralf Mutschler, an expert in "International Technical Support" from the German parent company, dealt with the subject of quality optimisation and quality assurance.

Practical situations: high-end Allrounder machines produce technical parts

As well as theory, practical applications were also featured. The team from Arburg Hungary demonstrated live technical applications on two high-end exhibits: an electric Allrounder 470 E with Multilift Select robot system produced a mathematical compass, while a hydraulic Allrounder 470 C Golden Edition was used to make CD stacking boxes. The participants learned when to choose an electric or hydraulic injection moulding machine as the more suitable solution for efficient plastic parts production and when automation is worthwhile.

"In addition to our technical innovations and excellent service, our proximity to the customer is what differentiates us from the competition and guarantees our success. Today's event has shown that we know what our customers want and need and that we have our finger on the pulse," said Stephan Doehler, European Sales Director, summarising the all-round success of Juniális 2014.

Juniális 2014