Increase in demand for Ecosheet, the green alternative for plywood

Increase in demand for Ecosheet…
2K Manufacturing has developed Ecosheet as a green alternative to plywood. This sustanaible material is made entirely from unwanted waste plastic sourced from farms, homes and businesses by using innovative Powder Impression Moulding Technology. This process enables 2K to produce EchoSheet from materials hard to recycle materials: low-grade, mixed, waste-plastics which invariably end up being land-filled or incinerated.

Primarly intended for the construction sector, with companies such as Lovell and Wates using Ecosheet in their projects. However, this sustanaible material receives also recognition from the farmers who are now turning to the product because of its multiple applications and due to the ease of use, it can be painted easily.

This bahaviour was commented by Charlie Hughes, senior product manager in Wynnstay Group’s, organization founded in 1918 by tenant farmers: "Farmers are increasingly looking for products to give longer service life to keep costs down. When comparing EcoSheet to plywood, its lifespan makes it very cost effective, plus the benefits of being able to wash down and disinfect compared to wood which can harbour bacteria and disease makes EcoSheet an attractive product".

Advantages of the material are also listed by Peter Ball, Sales Department 2K Manufacturing: “Unlike plywood, EcoSheet doesn’t rot and doesn’t contain adhesives and preservatives. It is easier to clean than plywood, improving animal welfare. (...)The 25 million plywood sheets that are disposed of in the UK each year usually end up in landfill. EcoSheet, on the other hand, is longer lasting and can be recycled again and again.”

Increase in the demand results in a doubling of the production to 300 EcoSheet boards per week. Further increase in the production is planned again in spring 2012 with the installation of new machinery at Luton.

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