Hybrid drive: Hydraulic injection moulding on the Allrounder 570 A

Hybrid drive: Hydraulic injection moulding on the Allrounder 570 A
Arburg wouldn`t be Arburg if it weren`t constantly thinking up new well thought-out ways of expanding the modular Allrounder range. One new addition relates to the movement axes on the largest electric model to date, the Allrounder 570 A with a clamping force of 2,000 kN. In addition to the largest, size 800, electric injection unit, a hydraulically actuated, accumulator driver injection axis is now available in conjunction with the size 1300 injection unit. This permits much higher injection performance, injection speed and dynamism.

New features of the Allrounder A electric machine series were first presented at the K 2007, for example the new larger 520 A machine size, the increased installation dimensions for larger and more complex moulds, the new, small size 70 injection unit for the production of small and micro-components, or the "Selogica direct" control system with touchscreen, which is available as an alternative option at no extra cost.

Hybrid drive: Hydraulic injection moulding on the Allrounder 570 A

Now, just six months later, there is yet another innovation: the Allrounder 570 A with a hydraulically actuated injection axis. Like many extensions and refinements to the Arburg range, this development was largely brought about in response to customer requests. The high injection speeds that can be achieved also yield a higher injection performance, something that is necessary for some important areas of application.

The levels of material throughput attainable through the high plasticising capability enable fast cycles to be achieved. This can be advantageous in the field of multi-cavity applications, for example, as well as for the packaging sector or thin-walled applications.

On the electric Allrounder A, the hydraulic injection axis is moved by means of more powerful accumulator-driven hydraulics, which have also been used to date for the optionally available hydraulic "Ejector", "Nozzle" and "Core Pull" auxiliary axes. This new injection-side enhancement effectively increases the range of applications of the Allrounder 570 A in the high performance sector. However, the machine still remains energy efficient, thanks to the other electric movement axes, for example on the clamping side.

The machine, which was on show during the Technology Days 2008, produced screw caps from HDPE weighing 2.7 grams in a 24-cavity mould in a cycle time of only 4.5 seconds.



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