Huhtamaki launches convenient cold food containers

Huhtamaki launches convenient…
Huhtamaki has launched new small containers for the Food industry, intended for dressings to accompany salads. They are aimed for use within quick service restaurants and cafes. The small food containers are ideal for condiments and can help outlets control portion sizes and monitor costs.

The range of salad containers also includes hinged-lid containers from the environmentally-friendly BioWare range. Made from NatureWorks PLA (Polylactic Acid), a resin derived from plant starch developed from annually renewable reosurces, the high quality, light-weight containers feature a tight-fitting hinged lid to help reduce the risk of spills and leaks and keep contents fresh.

Salads can be served in the Snap-On bowls from Huhtamaki for a convenient option that customers can use 'on-the-go.' These containers are described as having 'excellent presentation' according to their finish and clarity. Due to the design of the bowl, salads can be stored and stacked and when in use the clear lid fits neatly underneath to add to the convenience of the product for the customer. For a complete salad serving, the pot of dressing can be placed inside one of the Snap-On bowls or Bioware containers.

BioWare is Huhtamaki's range of environmentally-friendly, high quality, single-use disposables which completely compost to soil within 60 days, under the correct conditions. The range is certified in accordance with EN13432, the European 'norm' for compostability of packaging.

The new containers were launched due to recent research commissioned by Huhtamaki, in which salads were identified by caterers as being one of the most popular takeaway food items. Huhtumaki's innovative range of of foodservice disposables are being marketed as a product which can enhance salad offerings for businessess easily.

Sauces, dressings and accompaniments are used to 'liven-up' healthy salads, and can be provided in seperate containers to help keep green leaves fresh and crispy. Huhtamaki's small food containers can be used to supply customers with dressings and side orders such as homemade ceasar dressings, vinaigrettes and dips to accompany snacks and crudites.

Ideal for use within quick service restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, sandwich bars and delis, the range of cold food containers are available in a variety of sizes.