High quality of low tonnage NPM injection moulding machine

The plasticising barrel, irrespective of the screw diameter, has a constant L/D ratio and is able to assure optimal plasticising even using standard screws.

The hopper base temperature is controlled by a close-loop thermoregulation and displayed on the video interface. Rotation of the screw is actuated by a hydraulic motor, with an inverter-controlled electric motor, that is available upon request.

Both the speed and pressure of the injection phase are adjustable, by profiles as well as by individual values, and actuated through a closed-loop servo-distribution unit.

A high-dynamic response MOOG servo-valve is also available on request.
The system is based on a variable-displacement radial piston pump with closed loop control of pressure and flow rate. This allows a rapid response to the pressure and flow rate variations required by the process cycle.

The temperature of the hydraulic oil is displayed and electronically controlled, allowing for additional savings on the cooling system. A delivery side filter with electronic clogging detection protects all the hydraulic components of the machine.

On request, the machine can be equipped with a second pump for overlapping the ejection and radial movements. The display monitor is ergonomically positioned along side the fixed platen, and has a swivel base to ensure sufficient clearance for operations in the nozzle area.

Temperature, pressure, speed, time and positions values are set up, displayed and processed in real time by the industrial PC incorporated in the unit. The system software includes a full array of graphical displays, quantity control features and production-statistic functions, all ms The fusion planes makes possible a big structural rigidity.

A USB storage device imbedded in the system allows for virtually unlimited archiving ( 80,000 moulds programs ). Simplified direct-access controls on the main application screens allow for quick start up of the production cycle, while a comprehensive set of sub-menus can be used to optimally fine tune all the parameter settings. A remote access facility is also provided, that can be used for data collection as well as for the modem remote technical support service.



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