Engel expands range of applications for iQ weight control

Engel expands range of applications… Thanks to more than 1000 installations on injection moulding machines with electric injection units, the iQ weight control software developed by Engel Austria has become very well established worldwide. To coincide with K 2016, Engel is now presenting a new version, which also increases process stability in injection moulding machines with hydraulic injection units.

Producing moulded parts of a consistently high quality shot by shot is the aim of every injection moulder. Simply using a precise injection moulding machine will not achieve this, however. Even minor changes in ambient conditions or in raw materials and wear have an effect and can mean that parameters need to be readjusted. The iQ weight control software now also makes it possible to automatically recognise deviations and compensate for them in the same shot in hydraulic injection moulding machines such as, for example, the Engel victory and Engel duo. In this way rejects are prevented actively and productivity is increased decisively.

To achieve this, the software analyses the pressure profile in real time during the injection process and compares the measured values with a reference cycle. The injection profile, switchover point and the post injection pressure are adjusted to the current conditions for every shot, which keeps the injected volume constant during the entire production run.


inject 4.0 paves the way to the smart factory

Engel uses the prefix iQ to denote intelligent, decentralised assistance systems that enable injection moulding companies to optimise their productivity, efficiency, quality and flexibility. Decentralised intelligence is a key feature of the continually self-optimising smart factory, the goal of Industry 4.0. Engel's answer to the new challenges of this development is inject 4.0. inject 4.0 already offers numerous products and solutions for all three parts of the smart factory - smart machine, smart service and smart production - and new ones are being added continuously.

Engel at K 2016: hall 15, stand C58
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