DuPont demonstrated a sustainable materials for the packaging industry

DuPont exhibited at Interpack 2008, in Düsseldorf, Germany, the company`s multi-faceted offering of sustainable materials for the packaging industry. These included proprietary, renewably-sourced resins for packaging applications, two of which, DuPont Biomax TPS thermoplastic starch and Biomax PTT (PolyTrimethylTerephtalate) an injection moldable non-reinforced polyester type resin.

DuPont initiatives for sustainable packaging are based on a holistic approach to the packaging market. - Our sustainable solutions comprise new and innovative approaches to reducing, removing and recycling packaging, as well as the development and introduction of renewable resins and modifiers - explains Jonathan Cohen, European marketing manager for sustainable materials at DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers.

A specific example of DuPont innovation for reduced packaging is its recently-launched Biomax Strong modifier, a toughener for bio-based, biodegradable polyactic acid (PLA). Its adoption enhances PLA`s high performance attributes, with the potential for downgauging in packaging material volume and further production efficiencies.

The DuPont strategy for renewably-sourced materials includes the creation of high performance packaging polymers, with a renewable content of at least 20 percent by weight, which either meet or exceed the performance of equivalent petroleum-derived products.
Resins for renewable packaging launched at Interpack 2008, were Biomax TPS thermoplastic starch-based sheet and injection-moulding grades and Biomax PTT injection moulding grades.

Biomax TPS, based on technology from DuPont`s alliance partner Plantic Technologies Limited, ranges in renewable content up to 90 percent. Both injection molding grades and thermoformable sheet grades are certified industrial compostable, while the sheet grades are also certified home, soil, and marine compostable.

Potential applications include thermoformed packaging trays, rigid containers in the food, cosmetics & personal care industries, and formed articles intended for short-life and easy-disposal. Biomax PTT is a partially renewably-sourced, high-performance copolymer of 1,3 propanediol and terephtalic acid with polyester-like performance, suitable essentially for use in injection-moulded products targeted applications for the new resin include injection moldable containers and other parts where today polyesters are used. Biomax PTT can be characterised through excellent scratch and chemical resistance similar to PET and PBT.

A further technology showed at Interpack 2008 is the result of a joint development agreement between DuPont and French company Coldpack. Providing an alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS) for temperature-controlled shipping of perishable goods and thermal sensitive products, the Coldpack concept is based on an inflatable heat barrier technology. Using DuPont Bynel adhesive resins and DuPont Surlyn for its outer- and inner layers, as well as a specially-developed grade of metalized Surlyn for its honey-combed structure, the inflatable airliner provides equivalent insulation and protection to EPS foam packaging, at reduced shipping and handling costs and with a reduced impact on the environment.

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