Debut of Nissei’s TNX Series injection moulding machines

Debut of Nissei’s TNX Series injection moulding machines
Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. is releasing a new hybrid-type vertical-injection molding machine "TNX Series," which consists of 19 types of all-round machines with advanced functions and outstanding energy-efficiency.

This new "TNX Series" is a turntable type ideal for many types of insert moldings. TNX Series offers five basic types by clamping force, ranging from 523kN (50ton) to 2156kN (220ton). For injection, center-injection type (vertical injection from top of the mold) "TNX-R-V" or parting-injection type (horizontal injection from side of the mold) "TNX-R-A" can be chosen, offering optimal selections from 19 different configurations (parting injection types are made to order).

The key feature of "TNX Series" is its innovative super energy-efficient hybrid pump system "X-Pump," which demonstrates superb injection performance while saving on the running cost.

For 50 ton TNX50R, it consumes 70% less power and 25% less hydraulic oil than those of conventional hydraulic machines.

Debut of Nissei’s TNX Series injection moulding machines

TNX Series is equipped with a direct pressure type clamping mechanism, which is resistant to temperature change of the mold and clamping mechanism, generating consistent clamping force according to the setting. It is easy to set optimal (low) clamping force that is friendly to the mold and machine. With its simple and clean mechanism, machine precisions can be maintained for a long time.

TNX Series is equipped with a 3-tie bar wide turntable, and the mountable maximum mold dimensions are the largest in industry (up to 20% larger than predecessors). It is capable in accommodating mold for intricate shape products or mold with a slide core.
Injection unit has expanding possibilities in molding with wide-ranging injection. By controlling the hydraulic pump by servomotor, the output volume can be switched to optimal amount according to the molding condition, materializing outstanding controllability in wider range of injection velocity and pressure. It also achieves high injection velocity and response time (rise time to reach the maximum velocity), making it excellent for products with large fluidity length (terminal box, etc.) and thin-wall products.

Injection unit’s servomotor-driven pump permits low-flow volume control, and the feedback control is capable in precisely controlling the "velocity setting below 1mm/s," which is impossible to achieve with the conventional hydraulic machines. In addition, controllability and stability in ultra-low pressure range have been improved significantly, which are ideal for thick-wall product and hot melt (low-pressure encapsulation) moldings.



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