Ball Packaging has created the innovative resealable cans

Ball Packaging has created the innovative resealable cans
After many years of development work, Ball Packaging Europe is launching an innovation on the market which has what it takes to become a real classic: the resealable beverage can.

Thanks to a new type of can end made of plastic and aluminium, the "Ball Resealable End", it is now possible to re-seal both steel and aluminium cans after initial opening. A decisive advantage for the container which already scores highly with brilliant printability, fast chilling, long shelf life and recyclability.

The first purchaser of the resealable can is Coca-Cola. 500 ml aluminium cans with Coca-Cola`s energy drink ?Burn` will be launched on the French market this month with immense market potential for this innovation around the globe. The another European market where the resealable can be met are Germany.

According to a consumer survey which Coca-Cola carried out during the test phase last year, the consumers appreciated in particular the following benefits of the resealable can: "Convenience", "great for on the go", "exactly what I need from a pack". The survey showed that the resealable end significantly increases the "consumer appeal" of the can and contributes substantially to the differentiation of existing brands.

New innovative resealable can created by Ball Packaging Europe

The Ball Resealable End is an aluminium can end into which a flat opening mechanism made of plastic is integrated. A simple rotating movement uncovers the opening. In this way the new beverage can retains its classic shape - and also its usual stackability including the relevant logistical advantages for transport and retailing. As the total amount of plastic material used in the end is small, it doesn't affect the recycling properties of the can at all. Beverage cans are easily and completely recyclable and this is one of its environmentally-friendly attributes. The tamper-proof feature is also retained, i.e. the consumer can easily verify that the seal has not been broken prior to first opening.

The development work focused on the very demanding requirements to be fulfilled. On the one hand the end should be easy to open, on the other hand it is essential to ensure drip-tightness and the pressure stability of the can.

- Extensive consumer trials have shown that on the market beverage cans are given preference due to their fresh, cool feel. However, the consumer sometimes turns to PET containers in certain situations because these are re-sealable - adds Rob Miles, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Ball Packaging Europe.

The main advantage of this can package could be its potential to stand in for plastic PET bottles. As consumers become more concerned about the environment, and as talk about recyclability continues to grow, we have seen grumblings among consumers and in the press about the benefits of recycling some materials. With aluminum being 100 percent recyclable and more easily sorted.