BOY with more flexibility, efficiency and compactness at FIP Solution Plastique

BOY with more flexibility… With these attributes the BOY injection moulding machines are an established size on the French market. The visitors will make this experience at the plastics fair FIP Solution Plastique in Lyon (13-16 June 2017). The German manufacturer of injection moulding machines up to 1.000 kN clamping force will present three exhibits of its production programme on this three-day event.

Flexible multi-component injection moulding

A BOY 50 combined with an additional injection unit BOY 2C S manufactures practical wine spouts of highly transparent NAS with an over-moulded elastic centering cone and sealing lips made of TPE. The BOY-own Handling LR 5 removes the finished wine spouts from the mould and deposits them on a conveyor belt. After leaving the CE-compliant safety enclosure, the injected wine spouts can be taken from the conveyor belt by the visitors and used for its intended purposes.

With the flexible combination of the BOY injection units the standard injection moulding machines are converted into efficient production parts for multi-component injection moulding. The injection units are available in different designs and offer additional plasticizing volumes up to 280.5 cm3.

Efficient All-arounder

The BOY 35 E is a four-tie bar fully hydraulic screw injection moulding machine with 350 kN clamping force. The machine is equipped with a two-platen clamping unit, it convinces with large tie-bar- and platen distances and with a small foot print of 1.94 m2. Five different large injection units with screw diameters from 14 mm to 32 mm guarantee the precise manufacturing of diverse injection-moulded parts with a part weight of up to 69.5 g (PS). The BOY 35 E can process a wide range of thermoplastics, elastomers and silicones as well as thermosets, metals and ceramics. With the injection unit SP 45 much higher injection speeds can be achieved. In particular, thin-walled parts with long flow paths can often only be produced precisely with the differential injection technology.

At the FIP the visitors can insert the blank of a hexagon socket wrench into the mould of the BOY 35. By pushing the button, the electrically operated safety gate (optionally available) closes and the injection moulding process starts. The inserted part is over-moulded with a handle and a sleeve of a hexagon socket wrench with a torque display made of glass fiber reinforced PP. The mould opens and a very practical torque wrench can be removed.

Compact new model

With its new XXS (clamping force 63 kN) BOY has again increased its competence in the area of micro injection and the efficient production of small and smallest parts. On just a square meter footprint and moveable on an optionally available lower frame the BOY XXS increases the portfolio of the family-owned company. Equipped with an energy-efficient Servo-drive and the intuitive machine control Procan ALPHA 4 the BOY XXS is designed for a continuous industrial operation. Even in case of its smallest injection moulding machines BOY relies on the tried and tested screw plasticizing, which works according to the "first in - first out" principle. With screw diameters between 8 and 18 mm, plasticizing volumes from 0.06 up to 10.2 cm3 are possible. Advantageous are also the clamping plates of the BOY XXS optimized for microforms of many standard manufacturers.