Arburg at the NPE 2015

Industry 4.0: individualised toy buggies

At the NPE 2015, Arburg will demonstrate its practical capabilities with regard to the topical subject of Industry 4.0 using an electric Allrounder 370 E, based on the example of a toy buggy. The Arburg host computer system (ALS) is of central importance here, networking various independent stations, recording all the parameters and transmitting them to a web server.

First of all, a personalised chip card is read in by the Selogica control system of the production cell. During the following cycle, the corresponding buggy is injection moulded and an individual code is applied onto its roof by laser. A linear Multilift Select robotic system performs handling and assembly of the buggy, and removes it from the machine via a chute. Next, the toy car can be checked, e.g. for correct operation. The code on each individual buggy can be read out using a mobile device. It leads to a part-related web page containing all the process data for the moulded part. All the work steps are seamlessly documented, error-free. This ensures transparent, 100 percent traceable production.


Industry specific: Allrounder "Packaging" version

In Orlando, Arburg will be exhibiting an injection moulding machine in the "Packaging" version especially designed for the packaging industry. The hybrid Allrounder 630 H (P) has been specially configured for thin-wall applications. It produces four round lids per cycle, made from a transparent PP with a label from Verstraete IML that is printed on both sides. The mould was built by the Canadian partner Stack Teck and an IML system from Yudo is used for the automation. The cycle time is around four seconds.

Medical technology

Thanks to their high precision, speed and low-emission operation, electric machines are ideal for the production of medical items. At the NPE 2015, Arburg will exhibit a representative of its electric high-end Alldrive series. The GMP-compliant, stainless steel Allrounder 520 A machine version uses a high-performance mould from Tanner to produce 64 pipette tips in a cycle time of around 4.8 seconds. For removal, a Hekuma robotic system is used.



ARBURG is one of the leading global manufacturers of injection moulding machines for plastics and the relevant additional equipment.




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