A sleeve made from up to 60% recycled material

A sleeve made from up to 60% recycled material
Alcan Packaging Beauty presents its latest innovation: an environment-friendly PCR plastic tube with a sleeve made from up to 60% recycled material.

Its multilayer structure guarantees perfect compatibility with bulks as only the outer layer is PCR, while the inner layer is still made from virgin material.

Because Alcan Packaging Beauty refuses to compromise on the quality of its recycled materials from recycled milk bottles, the PCR plastic tube has the same visual and technical qualities as every other items in our tube offering.

The PCR plastic tube is suited to a large choice of diameters, heads and caps, as well as all our printing techniques.

By giving plastic a new life, the PCR plastic tube helps to reduce our environmental impact and so supports our customers in their commitment to Sustainable Development.

Alcan Packaging Beauty achieved US$850 million in sales in 2007 thanks to its 9,500 employees on 26 manufacturing sites in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The company offers its customers a global industrial network, product, process and service innovation & development capabilities and a strong commitment to sustainable development. Alcan Packaging Beauty is part of Alcan Packaging.

Alcan Packaging (Rio Tinto group) is a global leader in value-added specialty packaging and the world no. 1 in food, pharmaceutical, beauty and tobacco packaging. Alcan Packaging delivers innovative solutions based on plastic, complex films, aluminum, paper, cardboard and glass. Alcan Packaging is headquartered in Paris, France and employs 31,000 in its 128 plants in 31 countries. It achieved US$6.2 billion in sales in 2007. Ilene Gordon is President and CEO of Alcan Packaging.

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