TMR BV (Tex-Mex Recycling)

TMR BV (Tex-Mex Recycling)

recycling of plastics

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Str. Weena 750
Netherlands, 3014DA Rotterdam

Opis działalności

Tex-Mex Recycling does more than just recycle.

We make it our number one priority to protect our customer’s needs and environmental concerns. We are a full service international recycling company. Whether achieving the "green" goals of our customers, or adding to the bottom line through asset recovery, development of an efficient and effective recycling program, maximizes the post production asset recovery and benefits the future globally. Tex-Mex Recycling’s partnerships, experience and knowledge help guide our clients in handling their production scrap efficiently and effectively, internationally and domestically. Our team members develop programs to increase the recovery of assets through proper segregation. Tex-Mex Recycling de-manufactures end of life products so their components can either be recovered, recycled, or reused. By sending less waste to the landfill our customers drastically reduce their global footprint which also equates to less waste liability. We work with several of our customers to recover their scrap production materials, reprocess, and reintroduce those recycled materials back into their manufacturing process.

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Examples of Plastic Materials:

  • ABS
  • PC/ABS
  • PP
  • EPS
  • PC/PBT
  • PPO
  • GPPS
  • PC/PET
  • PPS
  • Nylon
  • PEI Ultem
  • PSU
  • PC
  • PET
  • PU
  • PBT
  • TPU


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