Spółdzielnia Bielsin

Producer plastic articles, plastic articles for automotive, njection moulders produced

Address details:

Str. Strażacka 35
Poland, 43-382 Bielsko-Biała

We have eccentric presses with the pressure load of up to 63 tonnes. We provide services for the lighting equipment and furniture manufacturers, power engineering.
We have modern injection moulders produced by ARBURG with the parameters specified below. We are looking forward to doing business with You.

We produce mostly:
- plastic articles,
- aluminium pressure castings,
- metal products stamped on presses
- face protection equipment,
- LED lamps

We provide services for the motorizing industry, lighting equipment manufacturers, power engineering.
We have experienced professional staff and a modern machine park. We also employ disabled persons, we ensure the necessary working conditions and medical care for them.
We provide services in the scope of assembly of products within external orders, we are open to cooperation.