SZE sp. z o.o.

35% energy savings in cooling, chillers

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Str. ul. Legionów 115
Poland, 05-200 Wołomin

Activity description

35% energy savings in cooling - this is what we are able to offer even in relation to the best currently used cooling systems.

We draw on technologies available in other industries. We adjust them to the needs of the plastics processing industry.

Our offer includes:
Design of the cooling installation, including its optimization in terms of reducing energy consumption
Delivery of devices and components such as:
Pump units
Buffer tanks and couplings
Automation such as jumpers, etc.
Power, control and supervision systems
Steel or plastic pipelines
Construction of the installation
Servicing, remote supervision and optimization of parameters over time
Audit of existing refrigeration installations

We focus on long-term relationships with clients.

And at the end of the day, we just love our job.

Maurice Szwajkajzer

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