P.P.H.U. Plastbud Recykling

P.P.H.U. Plastbud Recykling

We are engaged in buying and selling of plastic waste

Address details:

Str. Stalowa 17
Poland, 41-506 Chorzów

Activity description

RECYKLING P.P.H.U. PLASTBUD operates in the plastics processing industry. We are engaged in buying and selling of plastic waste. We have: PP, HDPE, LDPE, PS, ABS end PA in color and blow.

plastbud recykling

Our services include: crushing, grinding, washing and drying, and entrusted to isolate the waste from soiled material (plastic).

We also have the necessary permits for the storage and milling of plastic raw materials.

Collect and transport the following wastes:

  • 07 02 13 Plastic waste
  • 15 01 02 Plastic packaging
  • 16 01 19 Plastics
  • 17 02 03 Plastics
  • 19 12 04 Plastics
  • 20 01 39 Plastics
We are interested in cooperation with production facilities that are in the possession of waste produced by manufacturing processes, companies segregującymi waste or municipal establishments.

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