Kapadora sp. z o.o.

Alternative fuels, RDF, EPDM granules

Address details:

Str. Wodzisławska 72c
Poland, 44-240 Żory

Activity description

Alternative fuels produced by the KAPADORA sp. z o.o. are obtained in the process of high calorific value waste recovery. Waste process technology applied by our Company enables its recycling in accordance with the R12/R1 processes. Thanks to use of this technology we are able to reuse the waste which would otherwise be disposed on a landfill.

KAPADORA sp. z o.o. has an innovative technological line enabling the Company to process different types of rubber and plastic waste. Recovery process developed by KAPADORA enables production of up to 8 tons of alternative fuel per hour. Proper combination of waste grinders and mills with technical know-how enables our Company to produce alternative fuel meeting the highest energy and environmental standards.


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