Elim International Sp. z o. o.

We operate on the Polish and foreign markets in the industry of recycling, plastics processing and recovery of secondary raw materials.

Address details:
Str. Krakowska 141/155 Hala 3
Poland, 50-428 Wroclaw

Activity description

Range of activity:

  • Purchase of regrinds, lumps in the form of production material and we create regranulates from them
  • Sale of all kinds of crushed materials, as well as all kinds of granules: ABS , ABS / PC , PS , PP , HDPE , TPE , TPO , PC , PMMA , POM , PA , PBT , PVB , TPE , PET , TPU
  • Plastic cleaning
  • Separating plastic from impurities (metal, foil, etc.)
  • Segregation of individual types of plastics
  • Classification of plastics