Innovative standards for industrail norms

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Founded in 1999 as a special supplier for the plastic-producing and plasticprocessing industry, ECON GmbH has developed continuously. Our defined goals are achieving leadership in technology, quality and the market sector. Our success in the invention, development, assembly and worldwide marketing of innovative solutions for screen changers and underwater pelletizing "Made in Austria" justify our philosophy.

Our dynamic team of specialists, who boast many years of experience in the construction of machines and plants for the plastic industry as well as in control and process engineering, implements our product ideas into efficient machines and durable systems, adjusted precisely to the respective job profile. The avoidance of known mistakes and weak points is the guiding factor in our development work. By cooperating with research institutes and relevant re-investment of the generated value added, the worldwide renowned ECON Future Systems are created, which are secured by patents.

The benefit for our customers: Products according to the latest state-of-the-art which are characterized both by low investment and operating costs as well as by productivity, durability and comprehensive after-sales service, including a guarantee for on-going further development.