4Plast Alicja Miazga

Purchase and grinding of plastic waste

Address details:
Str. Kolejowa 1
Poland, 82-230 Nowy Staw

Activity description

The 4Plast company deals with the purchase and processing of plastics of various origins.

We buy and process:

  • car bumpers,
  • car wheel arches,
  • tanks,
  • caps of bottles,
  • plumbing pipes,
  • window profiles,
  • plastic pallets,
  • boxes,
  • barrels,
  • baskets and buckets,
  • agricultural film,
  • construction foil,
  • post-production lumps,
  • cd/dvd,
  • Lego bricks.

zakrętki zderzaki

We offer regrinds of plastics.

We invite you to cooperation!


In reference to attempts to impersonate our company by third parties, we would like to inform you that the company 4Plast Alicja Miazga uses only the following contact details:

tel. +48 797 598 809, +48 606 662 650
e-mail: plast4@op.pl

Please contact us immediately if someone claiming to be our company contacted you from a telephone number or e-mail address other than the above.