Smart DF120 injection molding machine. Parameters of your production efficiency (64173)

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SMART DF-120 injection molding machine

Technical parameters superior to competitive injection molding machines.

Be sure to compare the parameters :

- servo - 18 kW drive! - a single-cylinder linear injection unit - plasticizing efficiency 22g / s - max. 260 revolutions per minute - injection weight 190g - injection pressure 2083 kG / cm2 (injection of difficult technical items!) - control of KEBA 1075 Austria. - closing force 120 Ton - distance between columns 420 x 420mm - Weight of the injection machine 4300 kg

Standard equipment includes:

Closing assembly

  • Automatic adjustment of the height of the molds realized by gearing and hydraulic motor.
  • Hydraulic ejector with precision linear position transducer
  • Automatic central grease lubrication system. Single-channel system of core extractors with hydraulic connection on a mobile plate with a socket compliant with EUROMAP 13.
  • Single-channel air ejector with connection located in the back of the movable plate. A fixed plate prepared for robot assembly in accordance with "EUROMAP 18"
  • Movable board monitored by a precision linear position transducer
  • Photocell controlling the drop of the mold. The valve shutting off the water supply to the molds after switching off the Rotametr injection molding machine
Injection unit
  • It is possible to choose one of nine plasticizing screw diameters of a single-cylinder linear plasticizing unit
  • Double access cylinder of the injection unit
  • Open spherical plasticizing cylinder nozzle.
  • Hopper made of stainless steel with a mobile trolley
  • A proportional valve for plastification backpressure enabling control from the desktop
  • Snail stroke monitored by a precision linear position transducer
  • Departure and access of the aggregate monitored by a precision linear position transducer
  • Temperature control of the feeding zone of the material Hydraulics. Servo drive
  • Buckling oil filtration with an accuracy of 3 microns, extending the life of the hydraulic system. Flow cooler with oil temperature control and solenoid valve
  • Oil tank with oil level control
Control, Electronics

Multiprocessor control system "KEBA" Austria model 1075

  • with a 10.4 "color display
  • EUROMAP 67 robot connector
  • Electricity consumption counter and cycles

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