Laser cleaning

No. 120991
Type of offer::
~51,92 EUR / hour
Valid for:
67 days

Proste Sp. z o.o.
Name and surname:
Grzegorz Bogusz

We provide laser cleaning services with the Needle 100W mobile device.

We mainly clean metal elements, steel, aluminum, brass, cast iron, etc. from coatings, residues of plastic and rubber materials, rust, oil, chemicals, art residues. food and cosmetics.

We clean with light, so all exposed surfaces where the beam reaches will be cleaned - closed profiles and channels, unfortunately, cannot be cleaned.

The technology is mobile - in many cases molds can stay on the machine. The cleaning place will not be contaminated with abrasives, chemicals or dirty water. Cleaning doesn't even raise dust. We can provide the service on small elements at our headquarters.

All we need is a 230V power supply

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