- Polymer Apps in PV 2012
Leipzig, Germany ,
Mercure Hotel Leipzig Am Johannisplatz

Centre for Management Technology 80 Parkway Parade #13-02 Singapore
With continuous photovoltaic demand and evolving technologies, polymers are taking centre stage as significant materials used for solar module fabrication. From EVA to PMMA to EPDM and polyamide, different types of polymers are utilized for frontsheet, backsheet, encapsulant, barrier films, adhesives and many other applications in a solar module. Polymers have an array of flexible properties that is necessary to ensure reliability and durability of the solar modules. Furthermore, polymers have the advantage of being more cost-effective and light-weight; resulting in an overall reduction in manufacturing cost of solar modules. Snapshot of Key Sessions:
  • New frame concepts for building integrated systems using polyurethanes
  • Findings on the mechanical properties of encapsulants on the stresses of PV modules
  • Advantages of PV backsheet from bio-based polyamide resins derived from castor beans
  • Optimization in backsheet design using various polymers and correlation to module performance
  • Advancements in extrusion technogy for the production of EVA film
  • Application and integration of organic solar cells into building facades by Konarka
  • Novel interconnection techniques using conductive adhesives
  • Meeting temperature, weather and safety standards: Halogen-free polyamide for PV components
  • Supported by Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP



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