New Thor containers Nowy pojemnik Thor

New Thor containers
The Co-operative group is using the renowned Thor Pot from RPC Containers Blackburn to provide high-quality packaging for its best-selling range of chilled fresh soups.

Manufactured for the Co-op by Pasta Reale Ltd, the soups contain no additives and retail in a variety of natural flavours. The range was re launched in Autumn 2006 to great acclaim, resulting in a tripling of sales, and the Co-op has decided to refresh the product further to capitalise on this growth in popularity with new packaging and labelling in January 2008.

Pasta Reale has used RPC Blackburn`s Thor Pot on other soup projects and recognised that it could bring strong functional and aesthetic advantages to the Co-op soup range. Injection-moulded in PP, the 670ml Thor Pot is tamper-evident and recloseable for enhanced consumer confidence and convenience. Fully stackable and with excellent contact clarity allowing products to be seen easily, the Thor Pot also projects a strong on-shelf identity.

New Thor containers

At the same time, the Co-op has developed new labels to strengthen the brand image of the Co-operative chilled product range. Pasta Reale has previously used in-mould labels, but felt that a post-mould design would offer greater flexibility.

- By switching to this system, we save on warehousing and reduce the risk of packaging write-off because we do not need to store pre-printed packaging - explains Nick Bertenshaw, Senior National Account Manager for Co-operative at Pasta Reale. - Successful logistics therefore depend on using a reliable packaging supplier who can deliver on-demand, and RPC Blackburn`s excellent service in the past gives us confidence that this will be achieved - he adds.

- We are delighted with the appearance and function of the Thor Pot, which we are sure will help to maintain and develop the Co-op chilled soup range`s excellent reputation with consumers - confirms Sarah Lewis, Chilled Products Category Manager for the Co-operative.