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PromUpak Uzbekistan is a significant event in the Central Asia, where exhibitors can show new achievements in packing industry and set up perspectives and strategies for sales, which would undoubtedly give them the status of leaders in the international market of producers of packaging, materials, technologies, machinery and equipment.

Considering scales of already available industrial enterprises, including the developed chemical industry, the food industry, now opens the broadest field for development and activity of the packing enterprises.

Also it is necessary to consider the general tendency of carry by the European enterprises of the capacities to Asia, that, promoting the accelerated development of this perspective region on all parameters - since rich natural riches and finishing by not so expensive manpower resources. Considering that less all has suffered from financial crisis packing branch, our exhibition opens the new market for the foreign companies.

For development of packaging industry in Uzbekistan we have:
The Uzbekistan can be attractive by Shurtan Gaz-Chemical Complex, which constructed in 2001 on the basis of low-sulphurous content gas. One part of this complex is aimed at manufacture of polythene that allows using local material. Till 2012 year will put in commission a complex on polypropylene release. We hope that Uzbekistan becomes for foreign manufacturers of packing and packing equipment the same important market as other developed countries.
Our exhibition is aimed not only at demonstration on achievements of leaders of packing industry, but also at active attraction to them of interested buyers who need the equipment