New Orlean, United States of America ,
Sheraton New Orleans Hotel

Resource-Recycling PO Box 42270 Portland OR 97242-0270
The Plastics Recycling Conference will again offer a comprehensive range of informative presentations by speakers from throughout the world.

Environmental auditing of chinese reclaimers, intriguing plastics recycling developments in the UK, an assessment of plastics-to-oil systems, plastics recycling and global warming, the latest plastics recycling technology developments, opportunities in vinyl recycling are the main topics of the conference.

The leading plastics recycling trade group in China is launching an environmental certification system. Those recycling firms passing muster will be able to assure recycled plastics suppliers and buyers from throughout the world that their processes are world-class. Heidi Lv from Intertek in Shanghai, the firm managing this important project, will give attendees a full overview of this game-changing program.

The Waste and Resources Action Programme has for years undertaken groundbreaking research aimed towards developing better and more sustainable markets for recovered plastics in the UK. WRAP’s Paul Davidson will join us to offer comprehensive assessments from several exciting projects, including one looking at a new mixed-plastics processing technology and another focusing on ways to better sort and process black plastics.

In a special research project funded by the American Chemistry Council for this conference, we are assessing the features of all known plastics-to-fuel technologies that have been commercialized or are close to coming to the market. Are these systems useful ways to recover and use impossible-to-recycle plastics? Are they a complement to mechanical recycling methods, or do they compete? What does the future hold? Come to New Orleans to learn more from Kim Holmes, the principal researcher. In addition to presenting the results of this important study, we’ve asked executives from three firms converting mixed plastics to energy to portray their systems and to describe their future developments.