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Create Business Value in Operation & Maintenance Plant Production Excellence 2013: Cost Efficiency & Yield Management will provide practical applications from industrial automation, process and analytical instrumentation. At this conference you will find out strategies that are being applied by leader companies as remote control & monitoring, minimising downtime, and protection of assets from cyber-attack. If you are looking for a comprehensive progress update on the global industrial automation technology advancements look no further than ACI`s World Industrial Automation Summit 2013. Key Topics:
  • Reviewing The Trend Currently Shaping The Future Direction of Process Automation Industry
  • Future of Wireless Solutions in Industrial Automation
  • Prognostics and Health Management of Rotating Machinery
  • Optimise The Total Maintenance Spending with The Support of Condition Based Maintenance
  • Reduce Time and Improve Resource Efficiency in Instrumentation Projects
  • Novel Methods of Data Visualisation and Data Analysis
  • Examining The Cyber and Physical Security Risks
  • Advanced technology Driven Solutions to Reduce Energy Costs and CO2 Emissions
  • Decrease Fugitive Emission and Focus on Corrosion Prevention with SMART devices

Plant Production Excellence 2013