Two Boys at the Plastpol 2017

Two Boys at the Plastpol 2017 A Boy 22 A and a Boy 100 E are the "key players" at the booth of the Polish Boy Representative Wadim. The two injection moulding machines will demonstrate their performance at the Plastpol 2017 Plastics Fair (23-26 May) in Kielce.

In terms of the technical equipment the two fully-hydraulic Boy injection moulding machines differ fundamentally from each other. While the Boy 100 E is equipped with an extremely energy-saving servo-motor pump drive, the Boy A series features an electronically controlled variable pump. This long-time proven technology scores with a high durability and a very attractive price / performance ratio.

This is also confirmed by the EUROMAP 60 label, which certifies a very good value of 9+ for the Boy 100 E (depending on the machine equipment). EconPlast contributes a significant share of the very energy-saving working with Boy injection moulding machines. This Boy technology makes the plasticizing of the materials much more efficient and energy-saving. The now patented development EconPlast is exclusively available for the E-series.

There are also some differences in the control system: The Boy 22 A Pro is equipped with control Procan Alpha 1, the present E-series is equipped with the state-of-the art generation Procan Alpha 4. Easier and modern operating mechanisms as well as the graphical sequence generator make the operation of these machines more comfortable.

At the Plastpol in Kielce, the Boy 100 E produces airworthy frisbee discs made of PP. The practical delicatessen trays made of PS, which are manufactured on the Boy 22 A Pro at the Wadim stand, are significantly more multifunctional.

Dr. Boy