Twice the production in half the delivery time

Twice the production in half… The new all-electric PX series from KraussMaffei is shaping up to be a success story. Due to the tremendous demand, KraussMaffei has increased its production capacities at the Sucany, Slovakia and Munich locations. The strategic purchase of Plamag GmbH gives a boost to component manufacturing. Customers all over the world are benefiting from high flexibility and short delivery times.

Demand that surpasses expectations

"The market launch of our all-electric PX series at K 2016 was a smashing success. Our customers appreciate the high precision and flexibility in configuration, production and retrofitting," explains Dr. Hans Ulrich Golz, President of the Injection Molding Machinery segment of the KraussMaffei Group.

In the first year following sales approval, demand has already exceeded the expectations placed on the series. This led to a quick response on KraussMaffei's part - production capacities were doubled for the PX series at the Sucany, Slovakia location, which is currently following a double-shift production schedule. Going forward, there are plans in the works to produce the PX series at the Munich location as well. KraussMaffei is also boosting production by strategically purchasing Plamag GmbH in Plauen, Germany. Plamag has been producing essential components for the new PX series since the middle of 2017 and overseeing spare parts business. "Overall, we are in a position to address our customers' needs and decision-making framework even more efficiently as well as achieve our ambitious growth objectives step-by-step with the all-electric PX series," adds Golz.

The all-electric PX series from KraussMaffei is currently available in five different sizes in a clamping force range from 500 to 2,000 kN. With the release of the PX 25 and PX 320-the two sizes presented at the Competence Forum on June 6th and 7th—KraussMaffei is expanding the range of the series by adding a new minimum clamping force size and a new maximum. The planned launch for both is the 2018 Fakuma trade show.

Up-and-coming all-electric injection molding machines

Current market figures demonstrate that there is strong demand right now for all-electric injection molding machines. "Our current numbers paint a very positive picture of our market situation, specifically in Europe and the US. The advantages of all-electric injection molding machines become apparent when you look at energy consumption and precision specifically. These machines are setting trends for the future," says Golz. The PX series gives KraussMaffei an outstanding market position and provides the company with the chance to maintain this growth over the long term.

Source: KraussMaffei

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