Tigre takes to civil construction the first product made of Braskem´s Green Plastic

Tigre takes to civil construction the first product made of Braskem´s Green Plastic
The company has made the Ecologic Grill made of 100% renewable source polyethylene.

The Brazilian multinational company Tigre, the country's lead manufacturer of pipes, joints and accessories and one of the world' top, has made a new partnership with Braskem, for the purchase of 100% renewable source green polyethylene - ethanol. Braskem is the America's top thermoplastic resins producer and the world's largest biopolymers producer. The green plastic is being applied in the making of the new grill line, which will start to be called Tigre Ecologic Grill, launched this month.

This advancement places Tigre as the first Brazilian company to take a product made of sustainable plastic to civil construction. In addition, the company will invest in renewing the packages of those products and of all parts in PDV, using the renewable source plastic made by Braskem. Tecnisa is the first constructor to purchase 3,000 units to be installed at its Viverde project, in São Paulo

"This investment in the new line of grills shows that we are opening different strategies based on the company's sustainability policy, reorganized in the end of 2011", Paulo Nascentes, Tigre Tubes and Joints VP, says. The policy's main premise is the sustainability integrated to the management model and it is based on five activity axles: Sustainability Related to the Product; Sustainable Construction; Community Relationship; Human Development; and Environmental Commitment.

"Being part of this project with Tigre is a very important initiative to Braskem, as we support our partners in the commitment to promote sustainability", Marcelo Nunes, Braskem Renewable Chemicals Business Officer, says.

Tecnisa had active participation since the beginning of this partnership, contributing for the initiative to be successful. "The outcome of the constructor's interaction with other agents of the production chain was critical for developing more sustainable products", according to Daniel Dziegiecki, the Company Supplies Officer.

The new line has two formats (round and square) and two colors (white and beige). The seal "Eco Tigre" will be on the package, to show the consumer that the product was made of sustainable raw material, i.e., it has used sugar cane ethanol for making polyethylene. Green plastic's main features are being of renewable source and take CO2 - the gas causing the greenhouse effect - from the atmosphere during its production.

One of the films of Tigre's new advertising campaign, to be aired March 11, as well as the POS (Point of Sale) pieces, already discloses the new grills, consolidating the brand's innovation and sustainability values.

In order to present the new product, in addition to the campaign, the company's page on the You Tube (youtube.com.br/tigre) will give installation tips. The didactic and practical content about the grill is also included in the Tigre's training program for professionals.

Tecnisa's Viverde project, in São Paulo, will receive 3,000 grills. The condominium , to be delivered in April 2012, features five 25-floor towers, on an over 20,000 m² land. The name makes justice to the place where it is at, near the Serra da Cantareira, a very greenish place.

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Braskem is a producer of thermoplastic resins, operating 29 industrial plants in Brazil and the United States