Technology fireworks at Ferromatik Milacron

Technology fireworks at Ferromatik Milacron
Ferromatik Milacron's Open House at the company's Kaiserstuhl factory premises ended with a record 1,200 visitors and guests. Frequently heard comments such as "we're deeply impressed by the technological competence, skill and dynamism of the new Ferromatik" filled Managing Director Gerold Schley with pride. And it was not only the many items on display which were new – the whole outside plant shined in renewed splendor.

A major order on the first day of the Open House involving 63 machines with 3,500 kN clamping force of the all-electric Elektron series gave the sales team an extra uplifting adrenalin boost.

A total of 14 injection moulding machines, many of these operating as fully automated production cells, were seen in action. Conveying, printing, removing, stacking and packing – every step of the automation was shown live. These application-driven system solutions impressively underscored Ferromatik Milacron's technological expertise as a full-range system supplier.

One of the highlights on display was the new hybrid large machine F 580 with 5,800 kN clamping force. The innovative concept of the large Ferromatik Milacron F machine met with plenty of interest and praise from among the guests. With this display item, a new era of large machines of the F Series has begun at Ferromatik Milacron. As the general trend goes toward ever bigger injection moulding machines, Ferromatik Milacron has plans for more models with even higher clamping force, with the first machine with 6,500 kN expected to be ready this year.

A world first shown to the guests was the K-TEC 200 CUBE. Using a cube mould constructed by Foboha (Germany), the production of PRE Forms with MuCell technology was shown for the first time. The foamed core component generates a metallic effect after blow moulding without the need for added metallic pigments. This new oPTI process has been developed by Plastics Technology Inc. (PTI). Working with Foboha (Germany) and Ferromatik Milacron, PTI will now intensify the international marketing of this revolutionary system.

The affiliated companies of the Milacron Group also used this Open House to present their products, among these DME, Mold-Masters, Kortec, Cimcool, Uniloy Milacron and Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems.

Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems showed on a twin-screw extruder type TP 75-26 the production of WPC decking boards. Uniloy Milacron presented its new all-electric injection blow moulding machine UMIB 100 with 1,000 kN clamping force. The exhibition was rounded off with many technical papers on a wide variety of different subjects about injection moulding, presented by people from Ferromatik Milacron and the 35 partner exhibitors.

Ferromatik Milacron's Open House