Strong growth of the Zahoransky Group

Strong growth of the Zahoransky Group
Sales in 2014 of the Zahoransky Group rose to a new record high of almost 81 million Euro compared with 70 million Euro the year before.
With a plus of 19%, incoming orders in 2014 totalling 85 million Euro were the highest in the company’s history. This is the outcome of the continuous expansion in all five production sites worldwide. The strategy of opting for direct sales in markets abroad has developed exceedingly well and is being pursued further. After the new or restructured branches in Japan and China, sales and service in the US and in India will be 100% managed in their own initiative with immediate effect.

The Zahoransky Group splits into the three business divisions Mechanical Engineering, Mold Making and System Technology.
As one of the leading brush machine makers worldwide with plants and production sites in Todtnau/Germany, Spain and India, this division showed an increase in incoming orders in 2014 of 20%. The product program ranges from machines for making small interdental brushes via mascara and hair brushes for body care, brooms, hand brushes, household WC and toilet brushes up to cylinder brushes and other technical and industrial brushes.

Mold making sales in both German plants in Freiburg (Breisgau) and Rothenkirchen (Saxony) in the past financial year also rose by 20%. Thanks to the new building in Tamil Nadu in Southern India which opened in November 2013, sales at the Indian mold production plant doubled in 2014. The growth in mold making sales is ascribed partly to the growing demand for injection molds with integrated automation. With the patented TIM molds (Total Integrated Manufacturing), TIM Light and also with SCPS Flex by Zahoransky it is now possible to carry out assembly work downstream from the injection molding stage directly at the mold. In contrast to several machines with downstream automation, this solution is preferred by processors and operators.

System Technology offers across-system solutions for the injection-related automation. These systems are based on injection molds by Zahoransky AG and on established systems from different modules of automation. Intelligent and injection-related automation solutions can be composed with these modules. System Technology serves the areas Industrial Automation and Medical Engineering, with pre-configured solutions provided for medical engineering. Z.Blizzard, for example, is an integral solution for making pre-filled syringes as primary medical packaging.

The forecast for incoming orders for 2015 is again well above the record figures for 2014, with contributory factors being the enlargement of the production floor space at the Spanish plant in Logroño (La Rioja) from currently 2,100 sq m to 4,200 sq m. Also, the positioning of the blister packing machines is to be focused on the markets for electrical engineering, tools, cosmetics/hygiene products and others. For Medical Engineering, systems will be developed further for the production of hybrid components with cannulas.



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