Ritemp Cooling offers benefits for moulders

Ritemp Cooling offers benefits…
Ritemp Cooling offers significant additional benefits for moulders

Ritemp Technologies Pty. Ltd. (Australia) announced that growing market acceptance of the patented Ritemp cooling technology is proving to offer significant processing improvements in addition to cycle time savings.

Not including the hot runner hot half cooling, a total of 4 Ritemp circuits only are required in a sample 16 cavity mould. This results in substantially less clutter in design of the mould, a cleaner moulding environment, easier maintenance (about 40 fewer connections to be made) and accelerated set-up times.

The closed-loop nature of the Ritemp Technologies system results in a quicker, easier start up mode with no need for changing machine process settings due to variations in ambient conditions; for example, changing over from day shift to night shift.

For moulds with similar parts, the client is able to use standardized A and B plates, resulting in substantially lower design costs and lead times with shortened tool build times.

Parts made using the Ritemp cooling technology have consistently superior dimensional spread than their conventionally cooled counterparts and, in a 16 cavity hot runner tool, the spread across a particular part surface was improved by approximately 80%.

Ritemp has been accepted as a viable alternative to traditional cooling techniques by originally promoting the quantifiable cycle time savings of 20-50%, coupled with productivity gains previously unachievable. Ritemp tooling projects have grown steadily, gaining recognition within the tooling and moulding community.