Plastech closes Russian version of its portal

Plastech closes Russian version…

On February 24, Russian soldiers invaded a neighbouring country, Ukraine.  By doing so, Russia is breaking the post-war peace that was established in Europe for past 70 years. This is the second attack of the Russian empire on Ukraine in the last decade. The annexation of Crimea was barely noticed by Europe and the entire democratic world, but the current brutal aggression, directed against civilians, including women and children, is truly appalling.

Currently, not only the whole democratic world is opposing this barbaric move, but each of us individually are trying to engage in helping people of Ukraine. They are our neighbours, who in the 21st century have to defend themselves from the cruelty and brutality.

Plastech portal was created to integrate all of those involved in the plastics industry.  We have never been involved in the politics. Our site was primarily developed for Polish users, however with time we developed English, German and Russian versions. The foreign versions were created to connect those who share a common passion, regardless of nationality and place of residence. Over the years we have established good business relationships all over Europe, also in Russia. We have many friends there. However, we want to clearly communicate that we stand against the actions of Russian government. Therefore, we are closing down the Russian version of our portal.

We do not want to be a platform connecting Russian businesses with Polish or European ones. Not when Russian soldiers are shooting at Ukrainian children.

There is no place for Russian companies on our portal. Go and influence your government to stop the war and then we can talk about further cooperation.

Paweł Wiśniewski
Publisher Plastech/Plast Echo

Jacek Leszczyński
Editor-in-chief Plastech/Plast Echo

Zdjęcie: Sima Ghaffarzadeh

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