New, vegetal-based biopolymers from Clariant

New, vegetal-based biopolymers…
At the upcoming in-cosmetics show in Barcelona, Clariant will present three new lines of biopolymers for skin and hair care under the theme “Touch of Nature”.

The company also announces that it has achieved Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, according to ISO 22716, for its global cosmetics manufacturing.

Clariant, a leading supplier of cosmetic ingredients, has responded to the market’s need for natural-based products by launching three new lines of vegetal-based biopolymers that are active ingredients and sensory boosters in skin and hair care. All are extracted from fungal sources that are: non-GMO, inexhaustible, quality constant, traceable and renewable. “These are natural ingredients that moisturize, repair and protect skin and hair, and they are extraordinarily gentle,” says Ralf Zerrer, Head of Strategic Marketing of Clariant’s Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties. “Our customers can use these to set themselves apart in the personal care industry, to fulfill their consumers’ desire for purity and effectiveness.”

The three product lines already are in commercial trials with Clariant customers. Early reports suggest that the vegetal biopolymers outperform synthetic and animal-based products on sensorial properties, i.e. delivering a ‘gentle’ feel to skin and hair. They also offer a top-drawer environmental profile: Vitipure and Zenvivo are certified by ECOCERT, the leading accreditor for organic products; and they comply with GMP (FDA and EMEA), HACCP and ISO9001:2008.

Vitipure repairs and protects skin, reduces wrinkles, boosts elasticity and firmness and rebalances and hydrates skin.
Velsan provides a natural, vegetal replacement for silicones in skin care, repairs and coats hair in haircare and creates stable, creamy foam with a pleasant, soft touch.
Zenvivo is the only available vegetal Chitosan. Its low-molecular grade reduces odor in mouthwash and deodorants or boosts preservation in cosmetics. Its high-molecular grade is a film-former in hair-styling, sun care or decorative cosmetics, and provides conditioning performance in skin and hair care.

Clariant also announces that Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification has been awarded to its cosmetic-ingredient production sites in Brazil, China, Germany and the United States. The company aims to GMP-certify the remainder of its personal care capacity during 2012-13, which reinforces the company’s commitment to the highest standards. “We are proud to have achieved the global Cosmetics GMP certification, a further milestone in our strategy for the Personal Care segment,” comments Mauro Bergamasco, Head of Global Marketing of Clariant’s Business Unit Industrial and Consumer Specialties. “GMP is more than just an indicator of process quality. With this certification, we strengthen our customers’ value chain. They can rely on Clariant to offer the transparency and consistency they need, to increase their speed-to-market for existing and new cosmetics formulations.”

Guaranteeing globally-harmonized products and processes for the personal care industry is part of Clariant’s strategic repositioning of its Personal Care Business to be a leading provider of superior-quality products. Also key are acquisitions and partnerships with top players such as KitoZyme and Oberhausen Technology Center. Clariant will continue to explore similar opportunities, to enhance its capabilities and to transform new, sustainable, innovative technologies into cost-efficient products.

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