New performance for the packaging industry

Another interesting function is the start-up circuit (?? sequence - switching concept?) at the start of production, permitting rapid and safe start-up when multi-cavity moulds are used. The machine is adjusted so that the automatic sequence is interrupted following advancement of the ejector. The production process only restarts after the system has been manually released by personnel via the control panel of the Selogica control system. This is significantly more convenient for machine operators. The partially automated start-up phase can be checked with great ease, for example to establish that all cavities have been demoulded or that the hot-runner system is working correctly.

The extensive technical and consulting services from Arburg make the company an expert partner for the packaging industry. In addition to the "Packaging" versions of the special hybrid and electric Allrounders, customers can also rely on system services, such as the planning of entire systems, start-up, CE certification and a worldwide support organisation. All activities in this area are coordinated by an expert packaging team consisting of technicians and sales staff with a profound knowledge of all issues relating to packaging production.

The entire Arburg concept for the packaging industry is a further positive example of cooperation between machine manufacturers and expert partners for the purpose of increasing production efficiency. Not only was a suitable technical solution for producing high-quality packaging items developed, additional offers and services were also included in the program, making it easy for interested parties to take their first steps in the production of high-quality items efficiently and at low unit costs. Support by Arburg and its cooperative partners covers all aspects of the value-added chain.


ARBURG is one of the leading global manufacturers of injection moulding machines for plastics and the relevant additional equipment.




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