Multivac is launching its extensive range of packaging machines

Multivac is launching its…
Multivac is launching its extensive range of packaging machines and integrated packaging solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The packaging specialist from the Allgäu will also in future be providing its customers with test facilities in a new cleanroom at its Wolfertschwenden headquarters.

The packaging machines, which Multivac will be launching, fulfill the high requirements of the medical products industry. The solutions ensure a secure, reproducible and traceable packaging process. At the same time they offer a high degree of individualisation of the package contents and its product coding.

Multivac's portfolio of thermoforming packaging machines for the medical and pharmaceutical industries comprises the R 535, R 245 and R 145 models. At Medtec Europe 2012 MultivaC will be showing the R 145 compact model, a particularly efficient entry level model for the packaging of sterile medical products in small and medium batch sizes. The R 145 is built to the proven Multivac Clean DesignTM machine standard and, due to its modular construction, can very easily be expanded and adapted to the specific requirements of manufacturers.

From its portfolio of traysealers Multivac will be exhibiting the T 260, which was developed for the packaging of delicate medical products. With this semi-automatic traysealer it is possible to pack not only small batch sizes but also new product developments par-ticularly efficiently. The T 260 was designed specially for the high requirements of the medical industry as regards process and prod-uct security. It gives a complete overview of the entire process as well as traceability of the individual process stages during packing.

Multivac also spells out process reliability and recording capability in the case of the C 400 TC, a special chamber machine with temperature controlled sealing bar for sterile medical products. The identification of the individual stages and participants in the entire process is carried out by means of barcodes and RFID radio chips. This ensures that the packaging process is monitored, secured and recorded throughout.


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Andrew PeltHi guys! This site is great, keep up the good work!Hello eoyervne thanks for the good information!


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That was great! When it comes to packaging equipment performance is everything. Many people get hung up thinking that for a packaging machine to be long lasting and durable it has to weigh a ton. This is simply not true. It’s completely possible for packing equipment to be built with 25% less metal than they were ten years ago and outperform their predecessors.