MCPP to introduce Durabio at Fakuma 2015

MCPP to introduce Durabio at Fakuma 2015
MCPP - Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymer will introduce Durabio at Fakuma 2015 together with its distribution partner, Grässlin Kunststoffe. Durabio is a bio-based, transparent engineered plastic made from plant-derived Isosorbide. Durabio features properties including impact, heat, and weather resistance like no other engineered plastic does. With its excellent transparency and very low optical distortion levels, Durabio outperforms alternative solutions.

Targeted applications for Durabio are those where optical performance, surface hardness, weather, and UV resistance are required.

Durabio is already awarded for applications where visual aspect is absolutely critical. Such applications are paint free, interior automotive parts with high gloss, offered in either bright colors or a black piano shade with extraordinary color depth.

With its impact resistance that doesn’t compromise transparency, Durabio is proving to be an excellent alternative to mineral glass for front device panels and touch screens. Recently, Sharp has selected Durabio for its Aquos Crystal 2 smart phone.

"This high level of performance and the advantage of a bio-sourced origin make us absolutely confident for the future of Durabio," says Martin Parlings, in charge of business development for Europe. "This is why we decided to hire Grässlin Kunststoffe, as distribution partner of Durabio for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all countries where plastic convertors are focusing on high technology plastic parts.

MCPP Durabio experts will be present at the Grässlin booth (Halle B3 - 3123) during the Fakuma fair in October.


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