Kiefel presents the new Speedformer KMD 90

Kiefel presents the new Speedformer…
For decades, Kiefel GmbH, Freilassing, has been known in the packaging industry for its high-performance machines and its innovations. The most recent innovation is the SPEEDFORMER KMD 90.

The brand-new pressure forming machine opens up a new dimension for the production of plastic packaging items ensuring a higher productivity due to faster cycle times and bigger forming surfaces. During the “Packaging Days” on July 3 and 4, 2014, Kiefel presented the new SPEEDFORMER KMD 90 for the first time in public.

No matter whether you want to process PS, OPS, PP, PE, PVC, PET, PLA or CPET, the KMD 90 combines high performance with high quality and guarantees an excellent ROI.

The elaborate design presents some special features: Black ceramic heaters in the heating station ensure a maximum of efficiency. Due to the film edge heater, even brittle material like PS and PLA and thick materials can be processed excellently. Plastic particles are avoided when the film is pierced. Thus, the highest level of product hygiene and a longer service life of the needle chains are guaranteed.

kiefel speedformer

The new SPEEDFORMER owes its exact cutting position to the accurate and reproducible width adjustment of the chain rails. The high cutting force of 850 kN is also a remarkable feature.

Centric servomotor-actuated knee lever drives, which stand out due to their high stability and smoothness, and independent pre-stretching plugs on the upper and lower table assure flexibility and a high product-quality.

Another special feature is the fast and ergonomic operation assured by the separate tool change station. This station is situated between forming and cutting station. The tool sets are changed in block, heavy tools being supported by big ball bearings.

A Down Stacker places the finished products on a conveyor belt below the film level. The unloading height of 1 m is ergonomically convenient.

A Siemens Simotion control system and a touch screen complete the picture of easy handling and operation.

Servomotors within the driving systems and a needle chain below the film level are crucial for hygienic production. Two separate lubricating systems for index and motors and a punching delay timer, which reduces the angel hair effect, round off the package.

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