Indústrias Romi at K 2013

Indústrias Romi at K 2013…
For the K 2013 Romi introduced its new machines, developed using the new technology and first class manufacturing processes. The new machines to be demonstrated are the Romi EN 450 and the Romi EL 75, and also the recent launched Romi EL 300.

Romi EL 75 e ROMI EL 300
For technical and engineering applications the company is showing the two new additions to the all-electric EL Series, with 75 and a 300 tonne of clamping force. Using the technology and experience on the CNC machinery, the whole series count on ball-screw and servo driven movements. The result is a quiet machine which is fast, frugal and precise. Operating noise levels are less than 60 dB, average energy savings up to 60% compared to current hydraulic machines and up to 80% when compared to older technology and movement accuracy is on the hundredths of a millimetre. These are the first two models to use the new control CM15, an user friendly 15'' touch-screen control with full connectivity via Internet, VNC Server, FTP server and PVI server.

The EN Series is the most recent range of machines released by Romi. Designed to fill the needs of those looking for a high value, highly efficient machine, compact, with low noise level, easy to operate and to maintain. Equipped with pumps driven by an inverter-controlled motor that provides energy savings without compromising performance, the benchmark for energy savings is 40% and for like comparison to a fix-displacement pump machine of similar size the reductions where of 66%. Supported by the good acceptance of the range from the market, Romi is expanding the EN Series that will count on a 380 and a 450 tonne.

More on Indústrias Romi S.A. and its new machines says Mônica Romi Zanatta in our video from K 2013.